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I'm taking icon requests, 'cause, you know, it's not like I have exams to study for, or anything.

 - I will make up to 3 icons per person.
 - The icons will not be exclusively yours, they will be posted here for everyone to take.
 - All the usual rules apply: credit, don't alter, don't hotlink.

Make a request:
Reply here with 2 to 5 pictures or screencaps (it's in your own best interest not to pick caps that are blurry or awkwardly lit or otherwise unfit for iconing); any fandom, even if it's one I'm unfamiliar with; stock photos, anything. Depending on how useable the pics are, I will make between 1 and 3 icons.

The offer is limited to members/watchers of the community (and pimpees of powerof3's because I'm her bitch); if this shows up on your f'list, you're game. I will close the requests after a certain amount (and I am immune to guilt-tripping), so get in there while you can :).

[ETA] If you've paid attention lately, you know I'm not big on text. So feel free to request it, but know that it's probably futile.

(powerof3 may request, even if she's used up her graphic h0r credits.)

[ETA2</strong] Requests are now closed.
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