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Icon dump

Very, very mixed batch, both in quality and in subject matter. This post includes the requested icons, which are shareable, so feel free to take even if you weren't the one who requested them.

01-05 Actors/Actresses (George Eads, Jensen Ackles, Rose McGowan, Audrey Tautou & Vanessa Ferlito)
06-18 CSI:NY
19-19 Without a Trace
20-22 Stargate: Atlantis
  - Resources and credits listed here.
  - Here be boobies; subtle boobies, but consider yourself warned.
  - Conservatively crossposted.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20
21 22

#1, #2, #3, #6 and #20 were requested. Those without text are not bases (so don't edit them), don't hotlink, and give credit, please. Comments are always appreciated :).

Picture used in #4 from blimey_icons.

I take no responsibility for hurt feelings caused by #17.
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these are so pretty. great work!
Taking my icon. & #17
I love number 17!
Every once in a while, I feel like making a bunch of minorly offensive texty icons. I usuall get out two, and then my funny runs out, and they get stuck in a folder until I can squeeze them in with another post.

Um, either way, yay! Glad you like ;).
(this is yummycherries btw i'm on my username for an rp and didn't feel like logging off)

LOL. I love my Rose one as well.
& yay for 'random funny minorly offensive' icons!
Oooo, nice! ♥Calleigh.

*should really start using det_maka sometime soon*
Yeah I created a CSI Miami RP community earlier. Currently every character except Speed, Ryan, and obviously Calleigh are open.
I'm an RP noob and I don't watch Miami, so I'm of no use, sorry ;).
hopes someone who likes your icons sees the comment and applies.
I was extremely bored so I'm like 'lets make a csi miami rp community'


11 years ago


11 years ago

Snagging #s 7, 8, 10, 17. Will credit.
Much love to #17.
Heh, matching icons.

Thanks, and glad you like.
It is bad that I looked through your icons at first and went "... whereboobs? You promised me boobs! ;-;!". and then I spotted them. (in my defense, I was never very good at those Where's Wally books as a kid; um, I'm going to be quiet now).

They're all so pretty :3 I love your use of colour and space. ♥ I might take some; if I do, I'll credit. Or you can hit me with sticks over AIM.

(p.s. you iconned Jensen! HA!)
Subtle boobs, they are; it's a win-win situation, really, because a) I don't get people yelling at me that I corrupted their kids and didn't warn them beforehand, and b) people look more closely at the icons to find the boobies! Ha. Cleverly manipulative, no?

Whee! *polishes sticks* I like space. Space is good. *nod* Though I probably stole that concept from someone else, as is the case with all most of my iconing tricks.

And thankyou. *snugs*

(I knew you were going to call me on that. S'not my fault! T'was requested!)
6, 9-10 && 17. 17 is hilarious. Really. Fabulous.
I *love* 17.

Love all of them, but really, even as someone who writes D/L? I find that one particularly hilarious.

*loves on you*
You've seen #17 before, though. I think.

*shrugs, points at SGA icons!*

Deleted comment

17 made me laugh, but I only snagged 18. Will credit. ♥
17...XD And the fact that Flack is the one in the icon makes it so much better.

I get so happy everytime you post icons. The cropping and coloring own. Lovelove.
Nominated #17 & #13 at csi3_awards
Sharing #21, will credit, thank you so much!
3, 9, 17.
*nabbs #17* OMG!!! LOVE!!!!!
been looking for some WAT icons but the images here are all broken...

I'm aware of that, thank you. As it says in the most recent post: my domain is down.
Images now fixed. :)