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panache icons

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Welcome to 'panache_icons'-- an icon community belonging to twincy and zeitheist. All the icons on here are for you to take-- unless otherwise stated-- providing you follow the proper procedures. Sadly, this is not an open community for you to post your icons; however, it has open membership, so please feel free to join or watch the community if you want to keep up to date with our posts.

All our entries are tagged, so if you're looking for something in specific, we suggest you start here.



1. CREDIT the icons you take, by putting the name of the community ('panache_icons') in the keywords. This isn't just because we like seeing our work credited, but so other people can come and get icons too.
2. DO NOT EDIT our icons, unless specifically stated you can.
3. DO NOT HOTLINK- hotlinking means that the icons go bye-bye for everyone, because our bandwith simply can't support it.
4. COMMENTING is not necessary, but it is encouraged. Even if you don't take an icon, please feel free to give us a few words.
5. Also, feel free to REQUEST icons- just don't demand them. To clarify; "make more Mac/Stella icons" is demanding, whereas "may I request more Mac/Stella icons?" is requesting. Requests will be addressed forthwith, whereas demands will be pointedly ignored, or deleted.



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